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Dental Implants | Time, Money, And Fear Oh My!

Show Off Your Whole Smile with Beautiful Dental Implants!

If you’re missing teeth, you know how much your oral health problems can affect your life. When was the last time you felt good smiling in photos or ate your favorite foods without worrying about pain or difficulty chewing? Traditional dentures can be a good solution, but they aren’t perfect. Dentures can slip, shift, or fall out, and might need uncomfortable adhesives to stay put. The bone that would have supported your missing teeth will shrink over time, changing the contours of your face and aging you.

Dental implants change the way people live. Replacing teeth with dental implants gives you a new lease on dental health. They’re strong and stable, letting you eat what you want again. They look and feel like your own natural teeth, only better. Dental implants also prevent the jawbone from shrinking, meaning we can help preserve the youthful contours of your face.

We can permanently replace one, several, or all your teeth with affordable dental implants in Bristol, CT! Our team at Hartford County Oral Surgery has the experience and technology to give you beautiful dental implants to restore your oral health, smile esthetics, and function for decades to come. Get ready to smile again!

Replacing Your Teeth Is Easy as One, Two, Three!

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. They work in three parts. One: a tiny titanium post replaces the root of your tooth, providing a strong foundation for your new artificial teeth. Two: a crown, usually made of porcelain or zirconia, replaces the top, visible part of the tooth. And three: an abutment connects the crown to the post. Together, these three pieces can replicate a natural tooth better than any other option out there.

With the precision of a skilled implant dentist and advanced surgical technology, your dental implants will give you amazing, long-lasting results that will keep you smiling for years. Our team routinely provides everything from single tooth implants to full mouth dental implants to treat a variety of cases using state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials. We can help you reclaim a life of health, function, and confidence with dental implants in Bristol, CT!

Dental Implant Options to Suit Any Need

Dental implants are a versatile solution that can replace any number of missing teeth. A single, stand-alone implant can replace one tooth easily. If you’re missing several teeth, we can minimize the number of implants by creating a bridge, where two implant posts can support several crowns fused together to span the space left by many missing teeth in the same area. This approach helps to reduce your dental implant cost while still giving you stable, beautiful tooth replacements.

For patients missing all their teeth, full mouth dental implants are the best way to restore function and beauty to your smile. Full mouth dental implants can be placed on just a few strategically placed posts with a full, fixed bridge of artificial teeth. Or, a removable implant supported denture can give you lasting stability without the need for unappealing adhesives!

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Avoid Making Costly Mistakes!

Dental implants are a lifetime investment in your health, function, and quality of life. Avoid the common mistakes people make when considering implants by following our recommendations.

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Experience Matters! Why Should You See an Oral Surgeon for Dental Implants!

Your dental implant treatment at Hartford County Oral Surgery is personalized to your specific oral health needs and smile goals.

Your Path to Restored Confidence

Your path back to a strong, beautiful smile starts with a conversation. We want to know how your failing and missing teeth are affecting your day to day life, and how you hope dental implants will help. Whether you need one tooth replaced or you’re considering full mouth dental implants, your consultation with our implant dentist in Bristol, CT will take all aspects of your health and dental history into account. Then, we’ll take digital images and x-rays and build a treatment plan customized to your needs.

The good news is, nearly every patient is a candidate for dental implants. However, some patients will need a stronger foundation for those implants before we begin. If appropriate, we will discuss treatments to improve your outcome, such as extractions and bone grafting. Once we’ve set the stage for ideal results, we’ll surgically place your implant posts. In some cases, your implant post can be placed at the same time as your extractions, minimizing your treatment needs and healing time.

Dental implant surgery is fairly quick, taking about 1-2 hours per implant. Most patients prefer dental sedation during implant surgery, and we are always open to discuss those options with you! Once your implant posts are in place, we allow several weeks for them to integrate with your bone tissue. Most patients report minimal soreness for just a couple of days after their implant surgery, and overall recovery is very comfortable for most people.

While some implant crowns can be placed immediately, others will need to wait until healing is complete. Depending on the location of your implant and duration of healing before we can place your permanent crowns, you may wear a temporary restoration in between. Once your implant is completely healed, your new teeth can be attached, and you can start enjoying life with confidence!


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