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A Better Oral Surgery Experience

From the empathy of our staff to the best options for pain control and anxiety management, we have built every aspect of our practice to give you a comfortable, stress-free oral surgery experience. From your first visit, we want to understand how your oral health problems affect your life and how you hope we can help. As partners in your journey to better health, we want to empower you to make informed decisions in your surgical healthcare plan. Dr. James and his team take pride in giving you the benefit of superior training and years of experience to get ideal results, no matter what level of care you need.  Our commitment to compassionate care means you can depend on us for a better oral surgery experience.

Dr. Ean James

Dr. James is an oral & maxillofacial surgery doctor in Bristol, CT. He earned his medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine and has been practicing for 14 years. He specializes in impacted wisdom teeth, maxillofacial trauma and pathology, and providing safe and effective anesthesia for children and adults. His skill in placing dental implants with superior results makes him one of the top dental implant providers in the state.

Precision Meets Compassion

Our practice blends cutting edge technology and the most advanced techniques with a culture of compassion to deliver superior results with less stress. Advanced technology allows us to perform with precision, meaning better comfort and faster healing.

Our Primary Services

Dental Implants

Missing and failing teeth can make it impossible to enjoy your favorite foods or smile with confidence. We can rebuild your dental health with expertly placed dental implants. Implants are a stable, permanent solution for tooth loss.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Impacted wisdom teeth can damage the bone of your jaw and the surrounding teeth. With the best equipment for accurate imaging and advanced surgical techniques, we can remove problem wisdom teeth with superior comfort and better healing.

Maxillofacial Trauma and Pathology

We can help you recover from injuries to your mouth or jaw and treat abnormal growths with compassionate care. With his advanced training, Dr. James can relieve pain and restore function to patients struggling with trauma or pathology.



After Bad Dental Experiences, Dr. James' Expertise In Implants Gave Me A The Smile I Wanted!


Dental Implants Provided Me The Long Lasting And Fixed Solution That I Was Looking For

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