Dental Implants Provided Me The Long Lasting And Fixed Solution That I Was Looking For

My name is Tom. I had a dental procedure called all-on-X on my upper and lower with Dr. James. Over the years, I had been getting teeth pulled and root canals. I had some teeth that had broken off, I think, I had about 17 teeth that had to be pulled and root canals and they became brittle, and it seemed like I was just fixing on, fix on fix and it became expensive on a tooth-by-tooth basis

Those are the things I want and I want something permanent, and not have to keep going back. Dr. James was a very accommodating, ultra-friendly guy.

Patient and doctor interaction within the dental procedure room


I came to a conclusion that I needed to do something permanent instead of individual root for every tooth because I had a number of teeth missing because I had them pulled. I was able to put some money together and I was able to see how much it would cost for a hybrid implant, do it all at once and not worry about it. When you have no teeth, it becomes a distraction for people, I become self-conscious, I came across Dr. James and I gave him a call.


When I came here the first time, they were very accommodating, they answered any of my questions, what the procedure was, what it was about, what’s going to happen. Hybrid implant is not the same as going to your local dentist, at some point there was a breaking point, that, that’s it, I’m going to get implants and not that there were no other options because like I said, individual implants were expensive doing root canal, post crown, those [inaudible], I wanted something long-lasting, but permanent. I didn’t want dentures, you got to take out and you clean and these don’t cover your palate. These All-on-X are comfortable around the gum. It’s second nature.

It’s hard to distinguish that these are fake because, the material is skin tone into your mouth, it’s smooth as glass, so that they become one with you after a while. Those are the things I want and I want something permanent, and not have to keep going back. Dr. James was a very accommodating, ultra-friendly guy. You cannot not like him, there’s an atmosphere here with the staff and between patient and Dr. James. I was like anything but apprehensive because he was about to, if anybody’s had a tooth pulled, try 17 of them, going through this. I was sedated, I was out, when I woke up it was done. But, like anything though, you’re nervous. I was not awake in this, first of all. The pain was nominal because I’ve had teeth pulled before and I didn’t need pain medication and the implants going into the bones, it is no lot of gum injury, other than it needs to heal.

I went to work pretty much right away. I was home for a couple days and I think just to [inaudible] everything to come down because I just didn’t have one thing done. When I saw my smile for the first time, it was a good feeling to see that I have teeth. I didn’t expect that. I’m 62 now and I never did anything for myself because you have kids, you try to pay the bills, your price of the thing. Anytime I come back, this is lose, that is lose they’re accommodating and there is no stress on that.



After Bad Dental Experiences, Dr. James' Expertise In Implants Gave Me A The Smile I Wanted!

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