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Full Mouth Dental Implants Can Restore Your Confidence and Protect Your Health

Broken, decayed, and missing teeth can seriously affect how you live your life. If your dental health is failing, you know how pain and sensitivity can make it hard to enjoy your favorite foods. Missing and damaged teeth affect your ability to speak clearly or smile with confidence. More importantly, if your tooth problems go untreated, they can make you sick. Tooth infections can spread to your heart or brain and other areas of the body. Every missing tooth can increase your chances of developing other health problems like dementia. Your health, confidence, and enjoyment of life depend on a full set of strong, functional teeth. And a beautiful smile doesn’t hurt, either!

Full mouth dental implants are the ideal solution for your failing dental health. Whether you’re missing teeth because of advanced gum disease, severe wear, decay, or any other reason, full mouth dental implants can restore your dental health. You deserve to feel confident in your smile and enjoy meals again. With full mouth dental implants, you’ll get a complete set of stable, functional teeth that look and feel completely natural. Take back your dental health and your confidence!

Your Best Option for Strong, Natural Looking Teeth

There comes a point when teeth are too broken, decayed, or poorly attached to be salvageable. As intimidating as it can be to consider completely replacing your teeth, your wellness depends on it. When it comes to rebuilding your dental health, you have many potential options for treatment.

Traditional dentures are a removable set of false teeth that sit over your gums. They’re held in place primarily by suction, meaning that if you don’t have enough saliva to create a good seal, they won’t work well for you. The fit can get loose or uneven as the shape of your gums changes over time. That’s why traditional dentures frequently need uncomfortable adhesives to stay in place. Dentures also do not prevent the bony ridge under your gums from shrinking. Loss of bone tissue will change the contours of your face, making you look older and putting strain on your jaw joint. Dentures can slip, shift, and fall out, and may make it difficult to speak clearly. They can interfere with your sense of taste and will limit what kinds of food you can chew effectively.

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Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

Full Mouth Dental Implants


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Dental Implants | Time, Money, And Fear Oh My!

A Permanent Fix Is Available

Fortunately, there is a better way to restore your smile. Full mouth dental implants can replace your entire set of teeth. Or you can opt for full arch dental implants of only the top or bottom teeth if the opposite teeth are still stable. With dental implants, you’ll never have to worry about your teeth shifting or falling out while you eat, speak, or laugh. Full mouth dental implants are a permanent solution that lasts years, no adhesives needed.

No matter which option for full mouth dental implants is best for you, we won’t need to place a separate implant post for every tooth. We can usually set them all on four to six posts, making for quick healing and helping decrease the cost of full mouth dental implants. Best of all, your full arch dental implants will protect your jawbone and prevent it from shrinking, helping to give you a beautiful smile and preventing changes to the shape of your face.

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Are You Ready for A New Smile? Here Are Your Solutions

Your path to reclaiming your dental health and enjoying life to its fullest starts with a consultation for full mouth dental implants in Bristol, CT. Our experienced oral surgery team will create a complete map of your anatomy and craft a customized plan for you. In some cases, we’ll want to create a stronger foundation for your implants with augmentations such as bone grafting. If you have failing teeth, we’ll discuss extractions with the possibility of seating your implants immediately, streamlining the process and decreasing the number of surgeries needed.

For ideal results, your implants should be allowed to integrate with the bone of your jaw for several weeks following surgery. We’ll craft a custom set of beautiful temporary restorations for you to wear while you heal, so you can still smile while you wait for your permanent crowns. Get ready to smile. Your full mouth dental implants will change your life!

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